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Getting our sea legs

June 19, 2012

We made it out of Yokohama Marina! We set sail under sunny skies and the crew was all on deck, ecstatic that we were finally under way! We motored out of the marina and our enthusiasm seemed unassailable.  Moments later, I was in the galley when I saw our ship’s first mate Jesse filling up a glass of water and heading back up on deck pausing to say, “we’ve got some sick puppies upstairs.” He was right, Shannon, an affable coordinator for the California Coastal Commission and Laura, a student from Switzerland were both curled up on deck trying to overcome their nausea.  And Kelvin, a videographer from Korea who entertained the crew last week with his vibrant stories of Korean culture, the best way to make kimchi and why Korean ramen beats Japanese ramen, didn’t leave his bunk for the first 48 hours we were at sea.  The sun soon gave way to rain, and heavy gusts of wind created large waves that rocked the boat fiercely from side-to-side, making the seasick crew even more queasy.  I’m hoping for good weather tomorrow and that the crew starts to recover. We’re only a few days into the trip and so much has happened. This voyage is definitely going to be an adventure.

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