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A post turns into a New York Times story

August 15, 2011

Photo by Jillian Keenan

In January I did a post about an amazing man-made landfill island off the coast of Singapore that’s also home to over 700 types of plants and animals and serves as a park for visitors. I spent a few hours on the island and thought it was such an interesting topic that the story might be able to find a home beyond my blog.

After my trip to Singapore, I visited NYC and while I was in the city I called Laura Chang, the Times science editor, who’d helped me publish the Garbage Patch story and I told her about Semakau. “Send me an email,” she said. I quickly sent a pitch and got an email from science editor James Gorman who said they wanted to publish it! I was elated.

Well five months and many drafts later it’s here for your viewing pleasure. This was a great story to write and it’s given me enough encouragement to send some more pitches their way. So stay tuned–if my next idea gets published you’ll be reading about an impressive water-harvesting technique in Africa.

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