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Q & A with Atlantic editor Alexis Madrigal

April 25, 2011

He shows up apologizing: “Hey, so sorry I’m late.” We’re at Kaffe 1668 in TriBeCa near his hotel; Madrigal is in town long enough to do interviews and promote his first book Powering the Dream, which has only been out a few weeks. He’s looking down at his smart phone now, texting people to let them know he’s behind schedule. Last night was the book launch at the apartment of Justin Smith, the President of Atlantic Media, and though Madrigal was able to see his friends, much of the night was spent doing interviews and being filmed by Chance TV.

We sit down at a communal table and before I can even start recording, Madrigal starts talking about where he got the idea for the book and why so many people know so little about green technology in the U.S. His excitement about this topic pours out of him and when he speaks you feel like you’re talking to an old friend, an old friend who just happens to be extremely articulate, insightful and incredibly curious about the world.

I’ve read few non-fiction books that are as engaging as Madrigal’s, and being able to talk to him in person was a thrill. You can read our interview today on The Boston Globe’s Green Blog.

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