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25 Awesome things to do on Earth Day

April 21, 2011

Photo courtesy of Jonf728 on Flickr

Earth Day is no longer just about planting trees and cleaning up rivers, although these activities are always awesome. Companies across the country have realized the importance of engaging in sustainable practices and are offering a wealth of opportunities today. These are just a few of the things you can do to celebrate Earth Day:

1. Pledge to be a Sierra Club Eco-Hero and you could win a trip to the Caribbean

2. Bring your own mug to Starbucks and receive a free coffee

3. Free entrance into any National Park today

4. Drop off your flip-flops at Old Navy to recycle them into playgrounds

5. Get a free tree at Lowes (on 4/23)

6. Get ready for Easter by making egg dyes from fruits and vegetables

7. Choose an organic wine to go with dinner

8. Try using baking soda for everything from dish cleaner to deodorant

9. Bring in an empty cosmetic container and get a free Origins face wash

10. Win a year’s supply of tea by telling the ArtofTea how you’re improving the world

11. Instead of hitting up the gym, run or cycle outside

12. Whole Foods is giving away free items–check your local store for availability

13. Download the free Locavore iPhone app (normally $2.99)

14. Home Depot is offering free earth day workshops (4/23)

15. Go meatless for a day, Martha Stewart has over 25 great recipes

16. Help an earth-friendly non-profit win $50,000 simply by voting

17. Pick fruit off trees in your own neighborhood by using maps from Fallen Fruit

18. Partake in guerrilla gardening using only the change in your pocket

19. Share books or swap using Paperback Swap

20. The ultimate diet: try to be completely plastic free for one day

21. Keep items out of the landfill by donating and collecting through Freecycle

22. Compete in a Pepsi challenge to help change your community

23. Get rid of junk mail

24. Bring something green into your home (Urbio has awesome designs)

25. Plan an outdoor activity like stargazing, birdwatching or hiking

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  1. April 22, 2011 8:24 am

    Great, fun advise Lindsey. I’ll have to get to work!

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