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Back in Action

December 7, 2009

Ok I’ve been MIA for a while. With the trip to New York and a crazy week helping my brother care for his dog who had surgery, I’ve neglected you. And people keep asking what I’m up to.

The good news is I’m still writing articles and doing interviews about the trip. This week, look for an interview and a slideshow on KQED’s website. The slideshow  features original photos from the trip that have never been published before. And today there’s an article about the garbage patch trip in Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany’s largest daily newspaper.

As I was reflecting about my absence from blogging, I figured I’d ask you, my readers what you want to see on this blog.

Posts about the environment? Journalism? Garbage? None of the above? Some of the previous suggestions I’ve received included:

–       Visiting fisheries in California to get a better sense for how plastic pollution is affecting fish

–       Interviewing the two British rowers who rowed all the way from Japan to San Francisco

–       Revealing who was on the Billabong seaplane in the middle of the ocean

I’m looking into all of these and I have a few posts that are definitely on the horizon, including:

–       Releasing photos that haven’t been published in the press (or even on KQED)

–       A podcast with entrepreneur Toby Daniels of The Beta Cup

–       Debuting my next project—a one day eco-experiment that’ll take place in Tucson, AZ

–       An interview with Fake Plastic Fish blogger Beth Terry

–       Confessions of a new media journalist

So tell me what you’d like to know and I will add it to the list. And if you have questions definitely send them my way.



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