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Homeward bound

September 30, 2009

It’s a strange feeling knowing that this journey is drawing to a close. As we head toward Long Beach, we’ve all started thinking about what we’ll do when we get back.

I’m looking forward to standing on solid ground and sleeping through a night without having my mattress fly across the ship. But I guess an adventure is an adventure and I’m trying to enjoy these laughable moments while they’re still here.
In fact, Hannah H. from River Ridge High School in Florida asked what we missed most while at sea. Our answers definitely varied…

Bonnie said she misses her two kids Tricia, 26 and Franc, 24 who both live in North Carolina. Gwen misses her dogs and Jeff said he’d totally go for a cold beer and is looking forward to surfing in Ventura.

Bill has been at sea before so he’s used to being away from home. He spent nearly six months in the Atlantic Ocean while completing oceanographic fieldwork for his PhD.

Moore said he’s also accustomed to long stints from home but does miss his exotic organic garden. I would too if I had pineapple guava, passion fruit, avocados and fresh mulberries waiting at home for me!

I miss the smell of the desert and, ok, I do miss Twitter. It’s not so much the Twitter binges, where I’ll pass two hours online without blinking an eye, that I miss. It’s the sense of connection, knowing what’s going on in the world and hearing people’s ideas as they take shape and sharing journalism anecdotes with my fellow Stanfordites.

That’s all about to change in a few days. Back to the Internet, florescent-lit supermarkets and crowded streets.

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  1. Glenn Brockman permalink
    September 30, 2009 6:02 pm

    What I will miss is following your adventure.

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