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The mystery guests

September 17, 2009

We’re preparing for visitors. And who, exactly, are these guests? Great question. We’re not entirely sure. For the past four months Mike Prickett of Prickett Films has been planning a trip out to the garbage patch to meet up with Moore’s ship the Alguita (which we’re on). He wants to fly out on the Billabong seaplane; I’m told it’s well known in the surfing community.

So the date has been set-for tomorrow. Prickett will fly out with a plane full of celebrities who are environmentally concerned and can bring attention to plastic pollution in the ocean. It’s part of a plan to turn Prickett’s visit into grist for a movie about plastic in the ocean. The script he’s sent Captain Moore reads:

At a small airport in Hawaii a seaplane sits on the runway making final preparations for flight. Destined for a target offshore in the Pacific Ocean, is a group of planet caring souls, from athletes to artists, boarding and packing the aircraft. Individually they have all heard of this “Garbage Island” and have different levels of education on what exists out there. Each of them are anxious to witness firsthand what it is all about.

So we’re expecting company and no one knows who will step off the plane tomorrow. Stay tuned…


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