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Catch and Release

September 15, 2009

It’s been an action-packed morning. Last night Captain Moore tied up all of the debris he’d found to the front of the ship but this morning we woke up to rough seas and he spotted something floating off the back of the ship. Well, three floating somethings-broken bits from the yellow plastic crate we’d tied up.

With all of the wind, the crate smashed against the other tied up buoys and splintered apart. Moore, Jeff and I headed to the bow to check on the collection of debris. It was all still there, except for the crate.

Then something appeared to be wrong with the sea anchor. Moore could feel the boat drifting and the position of the buoy above the anchor had changed.

Jeff, Moore and I started reeling in the anchor and soon found that the rope had snapped apart. Luckily there was an extra rope we could use to pull the anchor in. After the anchor was on board, we tied on a new rope and threw it back in the water but it quickly got tangled up in the floating buoys.

Then Captain Moore and Jeff argued over how to free up the debris. Jeff ended up jumping in the water and untying everything by hand, after which he hopped into the motorboat which was loosely tied to the ship and bouncing around. Two hours and a lot of hard work later, we’d secured everything. It was only 12pm, who knows what awaits during the rest of the day…


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